Mother and Daughter hug in front of their Travelling Tea Trailer

The Mother / Daughter Team

Hi there!

We are Marian & Heather, the Mother / Daughter team behind Tea Amo Travelling Tea Trailer.

We are from a big Irish family, so coming together with family and friends over tea has always been a part of our lives. We are so happy that we can now share that experience with others, with our mobile tea services and private tea service event offerings.

Hoping to share in some afternoon tea with you soon ☕💕


Meet the Team

Mother / Daughter / Friends & Tea Lovers

Marian of Tea Amo Travelling Tea Trailer

Marian Peter


Marian's favourite tea is a strong black with lots of maple syrup, but she would never turn down a chamomile herbal.

Heather of Tea Amo Travelling Tea Trailer

Heather Peter


Heather's tea preferences range from a classic black to whatever creative fruit iced tea they are brewing that day - like Coconut Pineapple!

The Travelling Tea Trailer set up for service with signs and dainty treats

The Trailer

Where all the magic happens!

The vintage trailer has been retrofitted to be fully food safe and ready to serve up a marvellous tea party!

Next Steps...

Interested in booking the Tea Amo Travelling Tea Trailer for your next event? Hoping to see us at an upcoming market or festival? Send a message our way! We would love to hear from you.