#TeaTimeTuesdays Live Chat Four

Each Tuesday at 11:30am EDT on our Tea Amo Facebook page, we have been doing a live tea talk for #TeaTimeTuesdays!  

This gives us an opportunity to answer any questions customers may have, talk all things tea, and add a little light-heartedness to all of our days.

In this week’s episode, we talk about the difference between Chinese tea processing and Japanese tea processing, we show off our favourite Chinese and Japanese cups, snack on cucumber and brie afternoon tea sandwiches, and we chat about our favourite parts of the Travelling Tea Trailer!

2 thoughts on “#TeaTimeTuesdays Live Chat Four”

  1. What is the year and model of the trailer? My daughter and her husband are remodeling a 59 Shasta. We are a tea family and have been fortunate enough to visit tea rooms in Victoria and in the UK. We live outside of Seattle and tea parties were a big part of our family for my mother and
    two sisters. Our trips to England have centered around the Bettys Tea Rooms and have been to all six. We have lovely tea rooms in Seattle too.
    I understand how much work goes into planning and preparing a tea party and am very impressed with what you accomplished. Your blog and POD cast are very special, plus just love the trailer! My small dining room is permently set for tea, which makes me happy. Best of luck with your tea trailer business!

    1. Hi Bette! That sounds like a very fun project for your daughter and her husband. Our little trailer is a 1976 Scotty Serro – we really do love it. And we are so glad to hear you are a tea lover too! Tea time really does help us create so many wonderful memories with family and friends. This is the first we have heard of Betty’s Tea Rooms, but after looking it up on google, we must make a trip as soon as we can! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely comment, Bette. Be well and keep enjoying that tea time!

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